shop till you drop

Today I went shopping with a friend (
and bought some stuff, of which an amazing jacket/vest. First we tried
some dresses on, which were so wrong, that they looked great. At the
other picture you see the necklace, it isn't very clearly visible,
but it's a great black necklace made feom rope and beads, which I found in a large sale box after a long -let's push everybody aside so I can look- moment. Furthermore, I also found the t-shirt in the sale at H&M, I totally love sale. Before leaving, we decided to go in the Divided store of H&M where I found this stunnig michael tinted jacket. Ofcourse I couldn't leave this beauty and so
also this went with me home. At the end of the day we both succeeded and
had a really nice day. Can't wait for the next sale!

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