Stella McCartney

Hey guys! ,
First; sorry for the fact I haven't been posting
that frequent anymore, it's just that I have so
much things to do these last couple of weeks,
that when I have some free time my only priority
is actually doing nothing. But today I was home
early so decided to do check up on the reviews
of the last shows of the Amsterdam Fashion Week.
Then remembered that I still had some pics left
which I wanted to upload. After finding my camera
in the huge mess called my room, it looked like
it refused to do what I said, so those pics are
still coming ;d But to come to the point;
I absolutely adore the Stella McCartney dress.
Not really into the shoes though, I would have
chosen for some high plateaud wedges f.e.

Will try to post more frequently, so keep up
the visiting ;D

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